Summer Roadie Tips
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The Great Summer Roadie season is upon us, Aotearoa. Here’s six quick tips to help reduce your fuel bill (and the impact on our planet) as you get out and explore our beautiful country.


  1. Slow and steady wins the race: Fuel consumption revs up over 90 km/h – stay safe and stick to the speed limit.

  2. Avoid the crowd: Stopping and starting uses more fuel – keep your fuel bill (and your blood pressure) down by travelling outside of peak hour traffic.

  3. Love your wheels: Properly inflated tyres improve fuel efficiency so get them inflated and aligned before you leave.

  4. Lighten the load: The heavier your vehicle, the bigger the hit to your pocket and the planet.

  5. Avoid the quick and dirty: Trips under 5km are the worst for fuel bills and emissions. Walk, bike or use public transport.

  6. Ditch the drag: Roof and bike racks increase air resistance – and fuel consumption. Don’t need ‘em? Don’t take ‘em.

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