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What is Gender Tick™?

Gender Tick™ is a programme that assesses organisations and companies against a framework created by YWCA Auckland.

Gender Tick™ is an assurance that you’ll be able to turn up to work and feel it’s a safe and inclusive environment – whatever your gender.

For us, Gender Tick™ goes hand in hand with the Rainbow Tick we already have. Far from being a corporate check-box exercise, it’s another rung on the ladder towards being an employer that supports a genuinely inclusive culture.

What does this mean in practice?

It means we’re actively working towards supporting all our employees to thrive at work.

What have we done?

We’ve met or exceeded the criteria for equal pay, women in leadership, flexible work and leave and a safe workplace with a gender inclusive culture.

What more can we do?

Some of the actions we’ve committed to over the next 18 months are:

• Measuring the gender pay gap for Māori
• Continuing our plan to reach an equitable gender split at board level
• Approving our draft Gender Transitioning Policy
• Assessing the impact of gender during all our planning processes
• Expanding the free sanitary products available in our Auckland and Wellington offices to the rest of our sites