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Can you imagine a world where one-third of global electricity in 2040 will be generated by wind and solar? Or where one-third of the vehicles on the road will be electric? Or where the global economy will be one-third more energy efficient?

ResizedImage314422 Michael Liebreich high res DSC 6927 Cropped 2 002Global clean energy expert Michael Liebreich can, and he has termed it ‘the three-third world’. 

Last week, industry stakeholders and Kiwis around the country heard about the forces shaping the three-third world and the role we must play as part of Michael’s national speaking tour, sponsored by Z.

Michael, who founded what is now Bloomberg New Energy Finance in 2004, had some important messages for Kiwis:

Keep it together

He reminded us that we have a head start on many countries. We’ve got a well-functioning political system and general agreement across our political spectrum about the urgency of addressing climate change. If we can make the most of this, we could be global leaders in decarbonisation. 

Keep it aspirational

He pointed out that aspirational goals are important to encourage ‘blue sky thinking’ and systemic innovation. In New Zealand’s case, he noted that we can and should create big targets, if we have the maturity to recognise when the goal posts may have shifted along the way.

Targets that people can get behind are also important if we hope to meet our commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement's target of limiting global average temperature rise to 2° C above pre-industrial levels. It will take nothing less than a movement for change for this to happen.

Keep it moving

Z’s purpose is to ‘solve what matters in a moving world’. And, as Michael pointed out, a net zero carbon world will need to keep moving – whether that be in freight or personal transport. With our focus on future fuels, mobility and the ‘last mile’ (80% of Kiwis are within 5km of a Z or Caltex outlet!) we’re working hard to keep NZ moving into a cleaner, lower carbon energy future. 

If you missed out on attending one of Michael’s events, and would like to hear more check out the video of his lecture at Auckland University’s Energy Centre.


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