Chloe, Z’s 2018 Waste Warrior Champion
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On average New Zealanders bury 2.5 million tonnes of rubbish every year, and produce 3.6kg of waste per day, per person. This works out to be a total of 734kg per person per year, which is 5 times the global average. These are statistics we do not want to contribute to.

At Z, we have several ways we try to cut down on the waste we produce. One way we do this is via our Waste Warriors campaign, which has been running annually since 2013.  In 2018 it ran from September – November and garnered healthy competition among Z Service Stations to reduce waste sent to landfills. Each team is led by a champion, vying to become this year’s Waste Warrior. Over 90 teams were pushing for the highly-coveted award, with both the North and South Island getting stuck in.

2018’s champion has now been crowned, and the award goes to Chloe Witika and her team at Z Caroline Bay, Timaru! Chloe’s team recycled 93% of all their waste over the course of the competition, which is a truly impressive feat. Second place was awarded to Z Waikaraka in Auckland and third to Z Browns Road also in Auckland, who both recycled over 90% of their waste respectively.

Chloe has been with Z for 8 years and said she is proud of what they have collectively achieved.
“I am really proud of what the whole team has done to make a difference.”

The team motivated themselves by setting small goals to improve recycling across the competition and when she and the team met those goals it motivated her to continue working hard.

Chloe went on to say, “The city of Timaru has a real history and focus on recycling, so this makes the result even more satisfying based on the high standard of recycling we already have”.

The Z teams competing around the country in our Waste Warrior competition have diverted more than 343 tonnes of waste away from landfills, to recycling plants and composting. More than three Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of waste!

Waste Warrior comp infographic

Anthony Hume, Z Energy’s Sustainability Champion, said a commitment to behaviour change by Z is key when it comes to improving recycling and reducing waste.
“In the last two years alone our dedicated service station teams across NZ have recycled nearly 1,700 tonnes of plastics and cans and over 4000 tonnes of cardboard and paper.”

The outstanding effort made by Chloe and her team highlights just one of the ways that Z has made an effort to bring sustainability to Z. “Z has made a real stand on sustainability and it’s made a difference through installing LEDs in stations, removing single use plastic bags, using compostable coffee cups and promoting bring your own cups for coffee” said Chloe.

We are all incredibly proud of the work Chloe and her team have put into the Waste Warriors campaign, and want to take this moment to recognize how much effort they put into the competition. Congratulations Chloe!

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