What is good in your hood?
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Every year, Kiwis across the country have the chance to vote on a very important subject — not for a political party, national flag or reality TV contestant, but to decide what charities will receive funding from their local Z station.

It’s all part of the Good in the Hood campaign, an initiative designed to give locals the opportunity to decide what groups in their community need support. Every Z station in New Zealand has $4,000 to give away to neighbourhood groups and charities, and rather than some bigwig in an office dolling out the cash, it’s everyday people deciding what causes matter the most to them.

Good in the Hood 2017 was a big success, and with the 2018 campaign fast approaching, we’ve dug into the data to find some of the cool stats and trends from this year.

You helped give away $811,249 in 2017. That money came from all over the country, from Z Kaitaia at the top of the North Island right down to Z Dee St in Invercargill. The charities that benefitted ranged from big national organisations like Look Good Feel Better, to small local groups like Canterbury’s Kimihia Adventure Programme Trust.

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All up, 561 charities received donations through Good in the Hood this year — the most since 2013 and eight more than received donations last year. The average amount each charity received was $1,446, although the exact amount varied massively depending on how you and others in your community voted.

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This year Kiwis cared the most about health and wellbeing, donating $233,238 towards these types of charities. Want some tips on improving your wellbeing? Find out how getting outside and into nature can help you feel better about life and yourself. Charities that focused on supporting families also proved popular, receiving nearly a quarter of all donations.

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The Child Cancer Foundation was the most popular charity this year, receiving $29,036 in donations from 20 different Z stations across the country. That’s money they’ll be able to put towards the important work they do supporting families who have been impacted by child cancer. The Blind Foundation and Sweet Louise also proved popular, receiving $16,357 and $13,132, respectively.

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Hospice Waikato received $11,416 in donations — the most of any regional charity. Up north, Heart Kids Auckland was a close runner up with $9,912. Other popular regional charities included Heart Kids Manawatu, Foster Hope Northland, Hospice Southland and the Wellington Free Ambulance service.

It’s only thanks to the community spirit of everyday Kiwis like yourself that Kiwi charities are able to exist. Thanks for voting, and look out for Good in the Hood next year to have your say about where your local donations should go.

Want to learn more?

Check out the full list of charities that received donations this year, and if you’d like to put forward a group for Good in the Hood 2018, sign up to find out when applications open.