Steps to a low carbon future
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The planet needs our future to be low to no carbon. Z CEO Mike Bennetts gives a quick video interview about how New Zealand can get there. Creating a sustainable future has been at the forefront of Z’s thinking since they launched. It has guided what they do and how they do it. They’ve learnt a lot along the way, and they’re still learning. The biggest lesson? Z reckons we all need to work together to create a more sustainable future. Everyone, individuals and businesses alike can do their bit.

Keen for your business to do your bit? Here are three more thoughts from Mike about how you can get started:

Work with others

Seek out other like-minded companies to share learnings, collaborate on low carbon solutions, and motivate each other. Working jointly can mean twice the impact at half the cost. For example, Z worked with We Compost  to help increase the scale of their business, which at the same time made Z's Auckland stations more sustainable. Who could your business join forces with to make a difference? 

Switch it up

Look for ways to measurably reduce the carbon intensity of your operations. By renewing the ships that move their products around the country, Z increased their fuel efficiency by 40%. For your business this might mean upgrading your vehicle fleet to more fuel efficient options. Or using different delivery routes to make one trip instead of two. Where could your business switch it up to make a difference?

Look ahead

Don’t get caught short by what’s coming. Every quarter Z measure things they think might impact their business in the future by looking at early signs. For example, compared to vehicles powered by fuel or diesel there’s not many electric vehicles (EVs) on the road in New Zealand today. However, Z thinks EVs are a great opportunity for NZ’s low carbon future. So right now they track the cost of EV battery technology to predict when it will be cheaper for Kiwis to buy EVs. They also watch what’s happening overseas and any changes to New Zealand’s transport regulations. This means Z will be ready when EVs become more commonplace here. What are the things your business needs to watch for? Start now so you won't be left behind. 

Got questions?

Drop us a line at yourviews@z.co.nz.

From the forecourt with Dionne.

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From the forecourt with Dionne

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