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Every day thousands of Kiwis pull into Z stations across the country and the frontline staff are there to meet them. From their work on the forecourts, they sure have a few stories to tell! Rose, Site Manager at Z Trentham tells us why it pays to know your locals and be ready for the unexpected.

"There's a retirement home nearby and we get a lot of elderly customers coming in. Once an elderly gentleman who was a bit frail fell over on the forecourt and bumped his head. Customers and staff helped him inside. When I saw the huge lump on his head - I'd never seen a lump that big on anyone before! I just kicked into first aid mode. I rang an ambulance and followed their instructions, putting a clean cloth on the bump and gently applying pressure. Meanwhile his wife couldn't get out of the car, due to her age, so I was going back and forth between them until the ambulance arrived. They were both fine and a few days later the gentleman popped into the store to thank me personally. That's always such a nice feeling. We've always got a first aid kit nearby and it sure comes in handy for moments like that".

Z Why Rose Tata Site Manager know your locals

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