From the forecourt with Dionne
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Every day thousands of Kiwis pull into Z stations across the country and the frontline staff are there to meet them. From their work on the forecourts, they sure have a few stories to tell! 

Dionne, Barista and Customer Service Representative at Z Heretaunga Street in Hastings recently won Customer Service Representative of the year. She remembers a day when she had to think outside the box to help a customer. It certainly shows why she’s a winner.

“Just a few weeks ago it was a really windy day. I was going outside to cover one of our Forecourt Concierge’s breaks. That’s when I saw a customer trying to use the air hose, which wasn’t working at the time. It turned out that the sign saying ‘Out of Order’ had blown off in the crazy wind we’ve been having lately. The air hose had deflated the customer’s tyre and she wasn’t very happy about it. I explained about the sign.

Then I remembered that luckily we always have a bike pump behind the counter. So, I got to work. There I was in three layers of forecourt clothing pumping her flat tyre with a bike pump! Needless to say I didn’t need to go to the gym that night and the customer left with a big smile. The air hose was fixed pretty quickly after that but in the meantime we made sure that sign didn’t blow off again!”


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