5 reasons to buy an EV today
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Electric vehicles have come a long way. Teething problems have been ironed out, fears allayed and myths busted. And the numbers show it. There are currently 3576 EVs registered in New Zealand and this number is growing rapidly. The NZ Government is making it their mission to increase the number of EV’s on our roads to 64,000 by 2021.

Here’s 5 reasons to buy an EV today

1. They’re easy on the wallet

Don’t let the initial price tag put you off. Although the up front cost of a new EV might be relatively higher, the price tag is quickly offset by the cost of running one. Charging an EV is equivalent to paying 30 cents per litre for fuel, and with Kiwis driving an average of 29 kilometres a day, that’s a big saving from $2 a litre for petrol.

Bonus: The average EV driver will save approximately $600 in Road User Charges per vehicle each year, as there’s an exemption for light vehicles until 2021!

2. Closing the gap

A typical EV, such as a Nissan Leaf, has a range of 120 km, but with 90% of car travel in New Zealand being less than 90 km, range shouldn’t be an issue. To add to this, the gaps between charging stations are closing quickly as Z Energy and ChargeNet add to the network of charging stations.

Bonus: With sites being installed at an average of one every two weeks, the network will have opened 105 charging stations by the end of 2018.

3. Charging ahead

You can charge an EV in more places than ever — at home, work and around the country. And it’s quick. You can charge an entry level EV at sites across NZ for between $5-$10, within 10 - 25 minutes. More than enough time to enjoy a coffee!

Bonus: Charging your EV at home may take a little longer, but will cost no more than $3 per 100km.

4. Triple A

EV batteries are getting cheaper to replace, and coming with longer warranties. With EVs having fewer moving parts than petrol cars, there’s also less maintenance. Say goodbye to oil changes and tune ups!

Bonus: Members of the Motor Industry Association of New Zealand are putting sustainable systems in place to keep all batteries out of landfills.

5. Driving green

80% of New Zealand’s electricity is generated by renewable sources, meaning the juice for our plug-in EVs comes from the sun and the wind. Last year the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) found EVs produce 60% fewer climate change emissions over their entire lifecycle.

Bonus: Using EVs will decrease our reliance on fossil fuels, reducing the carbon dioxide emissions from the transport sector.

Having such high renewable energy levels makes New Zealand the perfect place for an EV revolution. With support from big companies and the government, now is the time to become part of the change and Z is leading the charge. Sustainability manager, Gerri Ward said :

"We’re committed to supporting the adoption of technology and alternative fuels that help the shift away from fossil fuels to more environmentally friendly options. We’re a transport energy company, not an oil company.”

Interested in joining the EV revolution?

Find out how much it costs to own an EV compared to your fossil fuel powered car on the ECCA website. Or drop us a line at yourviews@z.co.nz if you’ve got questions? 

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